503 Error page and page monitors

503 Error pages:

If you're seeing 503 errors on the studies page, this is because you're requesting this page too frequently.

If you're using a page monitor, please turn this off temporarily to see if this solves your issue. It should only take ~1min to reset your request limit.

You can use page monitors, but please limit the requests to less than 1/min. 

If you're using Prolific Assistant please note that the default time is in seconds so you'll need to set the check time to > 60.

Page monitors:

"Distill", "Prolific Assistant", and other page monitors are not developed by Prolific. We cannot guarantee these will work with our site.

The Prolific website automatically updates with new studies every 1 min. The count of available studies changes whenever there is a new study. If you leave this tab active in your browser, you will see as soon as a new study is available for you.

This should mean that it is unnecessary for you to use a page monitor on the Prolific site, however, we are aware that many of our users have been relying on page monitors to get notifications of studies.

If you wish to remove a page monitor from Google Chrome, you can do so by going to chrome://extensions/, and selecting 'Remove' on the appropriate extension.

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