How does Prolific work?

On Prolific, you can participate in studies and earn rewards, while helping to advance human knowledge 🚀 

Researchers from all over the world post studies on Prolific. If you are eligible for these studies based on each researcher's participant recruitment criteria, you will see them on your Prolific dashboard. Whenever a study is published, a random subset of eligible participants is emailed. You can learn more about the notification feature here.

It is important to keep the 'About You' section of your profile up to date and accurate, as this will ensure you receive the right studies. 

Before entering a study, read the study description. Make sure you are happy to participate in the study, using the correct device (if specified).

By choosing to participate in a study, you will be brought to an external survey website of the researcher's choice. Here, you will see the survey, and submit your answers. Once you complete the survey, you will be be directed back to Prolific.

You will be paid in line with our minimum reward per hour reward policy. This means you should be paid at least £5 GBP or $6.50 USD/per hour. You can read more about getting paid here.

It is important to remember that Prolific is not intended to be a full-time job, but rather a platform for occasional, fun surveys :)

Our Help Centre contains lots of information on how to make the most of your Prolific account, how to deal with problems, and detailed information about getting paid.

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