How do I withdraw my participation in a study?

You can withdraw from a study by returning your submission.

A study can be returned

  • While you are active on the study
  • After the study has been submitted and it is still awaiting review

Returning a study means you will not be paid for this study. It will not affect your Prolific score, or your ability to participate in more studies on Prolific.

A submission will be Returned if you click "Cancel Reservation" before the study begins, or "Stop without Completing" on Prolific during the study.

You can return a study after it has been completed by selecting the 'submissions' tab on Prolific. Here you will find a list of submissions, and you can choose to return any studies awaiting review by selecting the red looped arrow.


You may decide to withdraw from a study for a number of reasons, some examples include: 

  • You realise you do not have enough time to complete the study
  • You have encountered a technical problem 
  • You are using the wrong kind of device for the study
  • You feel there is something wrong with the study/feel the study should be reported to Prolific
  • You just changed your mind, and do not wish to continue
  • After completing the study you realise your submission should not be used by the researcher 
  • You are contacted by the researcher asking to return your submission for a legitimate reason


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