Telling us 'About You'

About You is the section for managing your pre-screening questions. Your responses to these questions will ensure that the studies you receive are relevant and interesting! You can find this section at the top of the screen when logged in to your Prolific account. Just click on About You to get started.



Researchers rely on us to provide them with high-quality data, so you must provide honest and accurate responses to these questions.

If your circumstances change or you have accidentally provided incorrect information, please follow these steps to update your answers:

1. Go to Dashboard >> About You

2. Select the category which contains the answer you wish to alter/delete > delete the answer to the question you wish to change.

3. If you delete a question (on purpose or by accident) the question will reappear in a few days or weeks for you to answer again, don't be alarmed! This is the only way to change an "About You" question on Prolific. 

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