How do I participate in a study?

First, sign up for free as a participant.

Click on "Studies" – all studies available to you will be shown here. 

You may or may not be eligible for certain studies. To find out whether you are eligible, try answering some prescreening questions in the "About You" section.

If you are eligible and would like to participate in a study, select the blue " Select This Study" button.

Complete the study according to the researcher's instructions, and click on the completion URL at the end of the study to prove that you have completed the study. Depending on the study you take part in, it is also possible that you will get redirected back to Prolific automatically after you complete the last question.

Upon successfully completion of a study, you will have to wait until the researcher approves (or rejects) your submission. This usually happens within 1-3 days, but may sometimes take up to 22 days. We kindly ask for your patience while researchers do their best to review your submissions as quickly as possible.

Please note: Researchers should never ask you for identifiable information (e.g. your email, phone number, etc.).

Importantly, they should also never have prescreening questions as part of their study (e.g. exclude you from the study while you're doing it). If they do any of this, please report this back to us via

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