Understanding your submission status

If you go to your 'submissions' page on your Prolific account you will see all the studies you signed up for. Beside each study is their status. You can read more about what each status means below: 

Awaiting Review

You have finished the study and the researcher is in the process of reviewing the submissions. The reward money for studies 'awaiting review' is listed in your 'pending balance'. If a study is not reviewed in 22 days it will be automatically approved by Prolific. You can read more about this study status in our article: Awaiting Review. Please do not contact Prolific about a study  'awaiting review' until 22 days has passed. 


The researcher has approved your submission. Congratulations, the money is now in your account and available for cash out!


You cancelled a study without completing it by clicking 'return and cancel reward'. A returned study has no impact on your account and you are not paid for returned studies. A returned study is nothing to worry about! You can read more about returned submissions here: Returned Submissions


There are time limits on studies. If you do not complete a study on time (the maximum time is noted when you hover over the estimated time of completion) you will not be able to submit the survey. A timed-out study has no impact on your account and you are not paid for a timed-out study. You can read more about timed-out studies and the importance of study timing here: Completion Time


You have unsuccessfully completed the study. You are not paid for a rejected study. Researchers have to provide a reason for rejection based on the rules and regulations at Prolific. You can read more about rejections here: Rejections

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