What does the "Return and Cancel Reward" action in manage studies do?

This option allows you to return a submission for a study that you completed by mistake. This will show up as a "returned" submission under your submissions.

By clicking this button it means that you won't be rewarded* for the study. If you think your submission will be rejected because you did not fully complete a study you can also return the submission. 

You can carry out this action by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Submissions" at the top left of your Prolific homepage
  2. Scroll to the study for which you wish to return the submission 
  3. Click the red looped arrow symbol (shown in the image above)

A returned submission does not negatively impact your standing on Prolific.

* Note: you can still receive a partial/bonus reward when your submission is "returned". If you already received a bonus payment when your submission was "awaiting review", returning your submission does not cancel the bonus reward.

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