I'm not receiving any studies

There are two common reasons why you are momentarily unable to participate in studies: 

(1) There are no studies currently available to take part in 


(2) You are not eligible to participate in studies that are currently active (some studies have prescreening criteria e.g. 20-30 year old French female University students) 

It is also important to consider when researchers are launching studies. For example, most researchers do not launch studies during weekends or holidays. These tend to be quiet times.

It is unlikely there is anything wrong with your account unless you have:

  1. Participated in a study and received an error code
  2. Attempted to login and notified that your account is on hold
  3. Not received studies in over two months

Please do not contact Prolific Support if you have received a study within the last two months.

Please note that Prolific is not intended to be a full-time job, but rather a platform for occasional surveys which contribute to the world of science and research.

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