I'm not receiving any studies

As a valued participant of Prolific, we know you're just as passionate as we are about being an integral part of a mission to facilitate world-changing research (while being rewarded to do so, of course). While Prolific is certainly not intended to be a full-time job, we totally get the disappointment and yearning that follows not having any studies to complete. Naturally, you might begin to wonder: is there something wrong with my account?


In the vast majority of cases, a lack of studies can be explained by availability and/or eligibility:

(1) There are no studies currently available to take part in. Consider when researchers are launching studies. Weekends or holidays, for example, tend to be quiet times.


(2) You are not eligible to participate in studies that are currently active (some studies have prescreening criteria e.g. 20 to 30-year-old French female University students).

Check out how our researchers are able to set these criteria below:



There's no need to worry though! It is unlikely there is anything wrong with your account unless you have:

  1. Participated in a study and received an error code
  2. Attempted to login and notified that your account is on hold
  3. Not received studies in over two months

We also try to make study distribution fair so that participants get an equal chance to take part. If you've completed a lot of studies recently, you may find you'll be invited to fewer studies for a short period of time. 


Considering the above, we kindly ask that you try to hold back from contacting Prolific Support if you have received a study within the last two months.

P.S. We also recommend, if you haven't already, to make use of our excellent Prolific Assistant. Simply add the extension to either a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, sit back and relax, and wait to be instantly notified when new studies appear.

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