• When will I get my money?

Cash outs at Prolific are on Tuesday and Friday afternoon GMT (London, UK time - i.e. 5 hours ahead of NYC). 


  • How much money do I have to have in order to cash out?

The minimum cash out is £5.


  • I haven't received my money and it is after the Tuesday/Friday cash out!


If you have not received your cash out money, and it is after Tuesday or Friday afternoon GMT there are a few reasons for this: (please keep the time change in mind, 10AM in NYC is 3PM in the UK)  

  1. You have not accepted the payment from us and it is unclaimed. You can read more about this here: Unclaimed on PayPal.
  2. You input the incorrect cash out email. Please note that your cash out email has to be associated with your PayPal account.
    Please double check that you have the correct cash out email (the email associated with your PayPal account) on your Prolific account.
  3. You are not looking at the correct email address for the cash out email. 
    Many participants have different emails for their Prolific account and their cash out method. Please look at the email associated with your cash out method!


  • Can my payments be in US Dollars (or another currency)?

Prolific is located in the UK and we only offer payments in GBP (£, British Pounds).  
PayPal will convert GBP to your preferred currency.


  • How can I change my cash out email?

On your 'Account' page you have the option to 'Edit' your email and cash out email.

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