Troubleshooting login issues

While we hope that logging in to Prolific is a seamless experience, we know that sometimes, technology gets in the way and things just don't seem to work! We know that this can certainly be a frustrating situation to be in.

Fortunately, we've listed below our top tips for those avid Prolific participants who may encounter problems while logging in.



To help us prevent bots, we use Google reCAPTCHA. This is a background process that allows us to distinguish between human and automated access to the platform. If you have received this error code, these automated checks have been unable to confirm whether you are friend or foe.

Supported browsers

While the site may work in other browsers, we only aim to support the most recent versions of: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. For mobile: Chrome, Android browser, iOS Safari, Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile.

We've had a number of reports of issues with the Brave browser and this has been reported to Brave for further investigation on their end. For now, our best workaround is to use another browser in the meantime.


Malware can have all sorts of negative effects on your PC, including not being able to pass reCAPTCHA. For this reason, we recommend running some anti-malware software to identify any potential issues that might be preventing you from accessing the platform.

Clear cookies/site data

If you have been through the above and are still continuing to experience problems, then we recommend clearing your browsers cookies and site data and trying again. Sometimes, we just need to blow away the cobwebs!


Password managers

The sign-in URL has now moved from to If you are using a password manager or have set your browser to remember your password, you may need to type in your login details again and update the config.


Time and date settings

For security reasons, we now require that the time and date on your computer is set accurately. Most modern systems set this automatically for you so you shouldn't have to worry, but if you experience problems, please check your system setting. You'll need to make sure that you set both the correct date and correct timezone. You can also check your time and date settings are correct by visiting where you should see the message "Your time is exact!"


Let us know

If the above information does not help, please feel free to submit a support request and we'll be more than happy to help! We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


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