FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I try to start a study I get an error starting PEC-AB-...

Your account is alright, please look here for more information.

  • How can I access studies?

You may be notified about studies by email with a link, or they may appear on your Studies page, within your account. If you receive an email about a study, it won't also be on your Studies page.

  • I'm not getting any studies

This is likely because (1) There are no studies currently available to take part in or (2) You are not eligible to participate in studies that are currently active. Please do not contact Prolific Support if you have received a study within the last two months. Read more here.

  • My study submission was rejected unfairly / I had a problem with a study

If you have experienced a problem with a study submission, please contact the researcher directly. Read more here.

  • Can I access studies while on holiday abroad?

No, unfortunately not. You must only participate in studies while in your country of residence. If you access studies abroad, you will receive an error. Read more here.

  • Does my phone number need to correspond to my country of residence?

Yes, otherwise you can't verify your account. Read more about verifying your number here.

  • I am moving countries; can I keep my account?

Yes, provided your new country is supported by our platform. You need to delete your 'current country of residence' in your 'About You' section and wait a day or two for the question to re-appear. Then you need to add your new phone number that corresponds to your new country.

  • I deleted part of my 'About You'

Not to worry! The question(s) will reappear in the next few days/weeks. Read more here.

  • A researcher hasn't reviewed my submission yet

It can take up to 22 days to approve your submission. Please don't contact us until after this time has passed. Read more here.

  • I deleted a previous account and now can't verify my phone number

Please contact us telling us the phone number that you would like to verify, as well as the reason for deleting your previous account.

  • My account is verified, but it keeps telling me to verify

Try verifying your cash out email address on your account page, as well as your main email address and phone number. Read more here.

  • No Places on Studies

Sometimes you may find that when you open a study page, there are already no places available. This happens when a study has been re-opened due to one or more participants returning their study, or timing out of a study, so there are only a small number of places available. Since the places are made available to all those eligible for the study, it may be sent to a large number of participants, so the places may be taken very quickly.

  • Can I refer a friend to participate on Prolific?

No; we decided to stop the Participant Referral Scheme in the interests of diversity and data quality. Read more here.

  • How much have I earned from Prolific Studies and do I have to pay tax?

You can see your total earnings on your 'Submissions' page. You would need to collate your own records of income via the site, and you are responsible for considering whether you need to report it to your tax office, according to the tax rules in your own country.




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